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Here are a few commonly asked questions – feel free to contact us anytime if there are other questions you may have.


Where do we board?

We board at various marinas based on the itinerary you selected.   The boarding locations are listed in the "read more" section for each of the itineraries.   Additionally, a few days prior to the charter, we will email you all the necessary details to confirm time and boarding location.  Please do not go to the address listed on Google, Facebook or other tourism publications/directories - this is our formal mailing address (required by these platforms).

What should we bring/wear?

Be comfortable!  While we offer shade options, feel free to bring a hat and sunscreen and maybe a light jacket - especially early or late in the season.   If you'd like to stop for a dip, bring towels.  You can change in the enclosed cabin if needed.  Also, we please ask that you wear soft rubber sole shoes (ideally non-marking).  Boat shoes, flip flops and of course bare feet are welcome.


Is there food and drink onboard?

Yes!  We will provide complementary appetizers/snacks and beverages (and we do have a complimentary selection of alcoholic beverages - e.g. beer, wine, seltzers).  Please feel free to bring your own food, snacks and beverages.  For our dinner itineraries, we will work with you to determine selections and cater through our local restaurant partners.

Is there a restroom onboard?

Yes - there is a clean restroom (head) on board.

What about the weather?

Ideally, we would all want to have the best weather possible for all our guests.   We will not go out in heavy rains, thunder, fog, high winds (small craft advisories) or threatening weather conditions.   That’s just not fun for anyone.  If the weather looks a bit uncertain prior to departure, we’ll check the local radar and if it’s showing light sprinkles or passing light shower, we can head out – if it looks like it will be heavy rain or thunder storms, we will cancel.  Decisions to cancel in these cases will be made no later than 60 minutes before departure.  If we decide to cancel due to weather conditions, you have the option to receive a 100% refund or reschedule for a future trip.   If you have any doubts due to weather, please contact us.

Should I be concerned about seasickness?

We rarely have seasickness issues.  Additionally, we are never far from land which helps offset that feeling of queasiness.   If you still are not sure, keeping an eye on the horizon helps alleviate sea sickness.

Will we be paired up with other passengers?

No way!  This is your private charter.  You determine who will be sharing the experience with you.


What about children?

Children are welcome!   Maritime law considers children of all ages to be passengers, therefore no matter the age of the child, they count as a passenger.  Also Federal Law requires that when a vessel is underway, children 13 years of age and under must wear their lifejacket at all times except when below deck.  The boat is equipped with lifejackets for all passengers.   We also do ask that you keep an eye out on the children at all times to ensure their safety. 


When do we make our final payment?

We will collect the balance of the at the end of the excursion - prior to disembarking.  We accept payment in form of credit card, electronic payment (PayPal, Venmo) or cash. 


Do we need to tip?

It's never expected, but always appreciated!  Even better...if you had a great experience, please share on our social media pages.  Google or Facebook

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes - please see the Gift Voucher menu option or contact us.


Can we fish and/or do watersport activities?

Our boat is not outfitted for these activities - sorry.  We can recommend many excellent fishing charter partners in the local area who are much better at fishing than we are!

Are you able to pick up & drop off at our dock?

Yes we can!   We do require at least 4 foot depth and minimum of 12 feet of dock access to tie up and board safely.  We charge an additional transit fee depending on distance to cover time and fuel costs.  Contact us for more info.

Where can I find the release form?

You can find it Here - if you are unable to print, we can provide one upon boarding.

Where can I find more information on the Northern Neck?

To help with planning your visit  - check out the following sites: 

Northern Neck Tourism Commission

Rivah Vistors Guide 

The Local Scoop Magazine


...and certainly feel free to contact us for any recommendations.

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